Complaints, Investigations and Enforcements

The Complaints, Investigations, and Enforcement directorate is tasked with receiving and investigating complaints related to violations of the Data Protection Act. This department is also responsible for developing policies, and guidelines for managing complaints, conducting investigations, issuing enforcement notices, and imposing administrative fines for non-compliance with the Act.

Data Protection Compliance

The Compliance Directorate is the ODPC arm that provides oversight on data processing in Kenya by coordinating data protection impact assessment, carrying out countrywide inspections and periodic audits. The directorate’s overall function is to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act by all data handlers.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Directorate plays a role in ensuring the smooth functioning of various essential aspects within the organization.
With divisions such as Human Resource Management and Administration, Finance & Accounts, Corporate Communication, and Supply Chain Management, its mandate is to ensure operational excellence in every sphere. The Human Resource Management division focuses on nurturing talent and fostering a conducive work environment.

Research, Policy and Quality Assurance

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