The core areas for legal operations or legal administration in the Legal Division, as anchored in the Standard Operating Procedures, are: Contract management; Intellectual Property management; Litigation and Dispute resolution; Legal and regulatory advisory and compliance; Legal audit to ensure compliance; Legislative reform; and General legal matters arising.

In undertaking their roles in the above areas, the Legal Division will be responsible for proactively conceiving and implementing initiatives that improve the delivery of services and outcomes of the ODPC through, among others:

  1. a) Devising simplified processes that allow the other divisions to drive generation and negotiation of routine contracts with minimal lawyer involvement;
  2. b) Creating operating rhythms that promote regular engagement between key personnel and the legal team on high-strategic matters;
  3. c) Leveraging state-of-the-art technology to eliminate or reduce low-value work;
  4. d) Architecting and implementing new programs to monetize ODPC services; and
  5. e) Developing training programs and processes to promote stronger compliance culture among the ODPC personnel.

Internal Audit

This Internal Audit Unit is tasked to do the following functions:

  1. Carry out risk based, value for money systems audit aimed at strengthening internal controls, governance and Compliance with Laws and regulations;
  1. Review & implement Internal Audit Policies, strategies and procedures, regulations and guidelines.
  2. Provide assurance and advisory services on governance, risk mitigation, management processes and making appropriate recommendations for improvement.
  3. Evaluate effectiveness of the risk management processes in the ODPC and make recommendations for improvement;
  4. Review and evaluate budgetary performance, financial management, transparency and accountability mechanisms and processes in the ODPCs.
  5. Monitor the implementation of recommendations from Internal and external audits;
  6. Develop and implement the Internal Audit Unit’s annual work plan, procurement plan and budget.

viii)    Provide secretariat services to the Audit Committee;


To effectively and efficiently respond to any technological issues touching on data protection, the ICT unit is responsible for acquiring, implementing, and maintaining all systems and applications that enable the digitization of the office in line with the current trends and best practices within the ICT industry.

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