Report a Data Breach

Are you notifying personal data breach?

  • I am notifying a personal data breach to the ODPC as a data controller / on behalf of a data controller.
  • I am notifying a personal data breach to the ODPC as a data processor / on behalf of a data processor
  • Only use this form if you are, or acting on behalf of, a data controller or data processor reporting a data breach in line with Section 43 of the Data Protection Act.

If you wish to report an entity for misuse of data or any concerns related to data handling, please file a formal complaint through the following link: 

File a Complaint

Details of Controller/ Processor
Details of the Breach
Provide a detailed description of any action, including remedial action, you are taking, or intend to take to assist data subjects whose personal data was involved in the data breach.
(a) Short-term Measures (Immediate Actions):
(b) Medium-term Measures (System Improvements):
(c) Long-term Measures (Policy and Training):
Section: Communication with Data Subjects
If you request any information in this form be held by the ODPC in confidence, please provide further information to support the request. The ODPC will respect the confidence of commercially or operationally sensitive information provided voluntarily in support of a data breach notification, and will only disclose this information after consulting with you, and with your agreement or where required by law.
Additional Provisions
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