Data Protection Compliance

The Compliance Directorate is the ODPC arm that provides oversight on data processing in Kenya by coordinating data protection impact assessment, carrying out countrywide inspections and periodic audits. The directorate’s overall function is to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act by all data handlers.

Data Controller

A person or entity that collects and determines how your data will be used. Eg phone operators, hotels, hospitals, insurance companies, schools, ride-hailing apps, mobile money or loan vendors, betting companies and government departments, among others

Data Processor

This is the entity that carries out the processing of data on behalf of the data controller. These can be agents for telecommunication operators or a service provider. Eg, a firm outsourced to provide equipment for a hospital, insurance brokers, travel booking agents, Uber drivers and M-Pesa operators

Are you Registered as a Data Handler?

Play your critical role in ensuring a transparent, and accountable data processing ecosystem to encourage the upholding and safeguarding of privacy rights of persons and data subjects in Kenya.

Registration is Done Electronically

Entities log-on to the registration portal to create an account, then proceed to apply for registration either as a data controller or a data processor, or both. Upon application, they are prompted to pay the requisite registration fees based on the turnover or the number of employees


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