ODPC Hosts Media Breakfast Meeting as Kenya Gears Up for NADPA AGM & Conference

ODPC Hosts Media Breakfast Meeting as Kenya Gears Up for NADPA AGM & Conference

Nairobi, Kenya, April 29 2024 – The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner today hosted a  media breakfast meeting on the upcoming Network of African Data Protection Authorities (NADPA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Conference, scheduled to take place from May 7th to 9th, 2024 in Windsor Hotel and Country Club Nairobi.

In attendance was Emmanuel Kimeu, the Ministry of Information, Communications and Digital Economy, Secretary of ICT, Security and Audit who represented the Principal Secretary, State Department for ICT and the Digital Economy John Tanui, MBS and Deputy Data Commissioners Festus Musyoki and Oscar Otieno.

During the event, the Principal Secretary emphasized that hosting the AGM & Conference in Kenya serves as a pivotal platform for knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences among African data protection authorities.

“It is barely a week since we hosted the Connected Summit and we are glad to host another global conference, The 9th AGM in Kenya presents a unique opportunity to showcase Kenya’s unwavering dedication to data protection and its position as a Silicon Savannah,” he said in his speech read by Kimeu.

He said that the two-day conference which will bring together players in the tech and data protection industry presents an opportunity to fortify the implementation of robust data protection frameworks, setting the stage for a more secure and responsible digital landscape across the continent.

“Participants can look forward to delving into the nuances of data protection trends across various African countries, gaining insights into best practices, and fostering partnerships to advance data protection initiatives on the continent.”

He called for media’s participation during the conference which provides an avenue to highlight best practices, success stories, and challenges within the data protection landscape, offering a platform for experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to share insights and experiences.

“Your active participation and contributions to these discussions will enrich the exchange of ideas and drive meaningful progress in the realm of data protection,
“ he added.

The Data Commissioner on her part noted underscored the media’s critical role in advancing public understanding of data protection issues, ultimately fostering a culture of responsible data management and privacy inviting.

“We extend a cordial invitation for you to attend the NADPA Conference encouraging your active participation especially during the plenary sessions. Your ability to effectively disseminate information and educate the public on data protection issues makes their participation essential in advancing the cause of data privacy,” she said.

While highlighting the key milestones made by the Office, the Data Commissioner noted that the Office has issued registration certificates to 5,195 entities and received a total of 5,315 complaints since the enactment of the Act.

Out of the total complaints received, the Office has issued one hundred and six (106) determinations, sixty (60) enforcement notices, and nine (9) penalty notices to ensure that data controllers and processors comply with data protection regulations.

Established in Ouagadougou in September 2016, NADPA serves as a unifying platform for African privacy and data protection authorities from different regions. The organization aims to facilitate exchanges and cooperation among its members while amplifying Africa’s voice in global data protection discussions.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact: communications@odpc.go.ke.

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