Kenya Set to Gain Economically from EU Adequacy Decision

Kenya Set to Gain Economically from EU Adequacy Decision


13th June 2024 – Data Commissioner has said that Kenya is expected to gain immense economic benefits should it attain an adequacy decision with the European Union following the launch of the first Adequacy Dialogue on the African continent on data governance with EU.

Speaking during a plenary session on “Data Protection and Economic Development – Are these Converging or Diverging Interests?” during the Privacy Symposium taking place in Venice, Italy, the Data Commissioner further noted that the adequacy decision, which is one of the principles of Transfer of Personal Data alongside Appropriate safeguards, necessity, and consent, is critical to facilitate trade, especially in today’s digital world where we have increased movement of goods and services as people transact online.

“The attainment of an Adequacy Decision will facilitate seamless, free cross-border data transfer between Kenya and the EU, thus reducing the cost of doing business and increasing digital trade volumes,” she said.

She said other notable economic benefits Kenya is expected to accrue from an adequacy decision include increased access to EU markets and impact on the Balance of Payments, as well as job opportunities to address unemployment and poverty.

“Kenyan goods and services will henceforth be able to access EU markets with ease, thus increasing our exports and leading to an improved Balance of Payments. The attainment of an Adequacy Decision will also increase Kenya’s share in the global Business Processing Outsourcing market. It will lead to increased job opportunities, especially for the youth,” she added.

The Data Commissioner further stated that the attainment of an Adequacy Decision is likely to have a positive impact on attracting Foreign Direct Investment in the country.

“It will deepen international cooperation and the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals, and it presents an opportunity for peer learning and knowledge sharing with other jurisdictions that have mature frameworks in place for data protection,” she added.

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