Kenya, through the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, joined the rest of the world in celebrating Data Protection Day on January 28, 2021.  The Office of Data Protection Commissioner – Kenya is a new entity, having only been established in November 2020.

Its establishment marked a key milestone in the country’s journey towards protecting the right to privacy, data protection and promoting personal data security and regulation.

Although the office of the Data Protection Commissioner is two months old, the country has for many years promoted the principles and objectives of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) which seek to ensure data privacy.

The theme of this year’s “Own Your Privacy” aligned with the Government of Kenya’s priority of operationalizing the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

Data is increasingly becoming a critical resource that is driving economic growth and influencing social life of global citizens.  The constant advancement of technology and how we interact with it, calls for the protection of the individuals and how their data is collected, used and stored.

As we celebrated this day, I called upon all our stakeholders both in the public and private sector to collaborate with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner as we operationalize the office and deliver our mandate to regulate and promote practices that ensure that the processing of personal data of a individuals is done in accordance with the principles set out in Data Protection Act, 2019.

I commit to continuously work with stakeholders, which includes the general public, to ensure the success of this Office.


Data Commissioner.

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