“data subject” means an identified or identifiable natural person who is the subject of personal data;

Rights of a Data Subject

A data subject has a right—
(a)to be informed of the use to which their personal data is to be put;
(b) to access their personal data in custody of data controller or data processor;
(c)to object to the processing of all or part of their personal data;
(d) to correction of false or misleading data;
(e) to deletion of false or misleading data about them

Exercise of Rights of Data Subjects

A right conferred on a data subject may be exercised—
(a) where the data subject is a minor, by a person who has parental authority or by a guardian;
(b) where the data subject has a mental or other disability, by a person duly authorized to act as their or their guardian or administrator; or
(c) in any other case, by a person duly authorized by the data subject.

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