NEW DELHI, INDIA, 5th December2023 – Data Commissioner Immaculate Kassait, MBS, was a panelist at the Global Technology Summit’s plenary session on “Data Protection in the Global South,” which took place in India on December 5, 2023.

During her participation, the Data Commissioner engaged in a comprehensive discussion about Kenya’s proactive approach to balancing innovation and data protection.

She shed light on the significance of the data localization framework, emphasizing the necessity of retaining specific categories of data, including citizen data, when transferred out of the country to ascertain jurisdiction.

The Data Commissioner who is also the First Vice Chair of Network for African Data Protection Authorities (NADPA), Commissioner Kassait underscored the pivotal role of economic blocs in harmonizing data protection regulations across Africa.

“This harmonization is envisioned to facilitate seamless data flows and enhance compliance for companies operating within the region. She said, “The greatest champions of ensuring harmonization of data protection across Africa are Economic blocs which will help us leapfrog so that we have harmonization ways of data flows so that we don’t see companies struggling in terms of compliance.”

Additionally, she highlighted the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner’s (ODPC) utilization of sector-specific guidance notes as adaptable tools aimed at assisting industries in comprehending data protection laws.

She emphasized a collaborative approach with industry stakeholders and advocated for an open-door policy, encouraging other Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) to adopt similar strategies to influence decisions within their respective spheres.

“As an Office, we encourage collaboration with industry and maintain an open-door policy. I urge other DPAs to do the same to influence decisions,” she added.

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