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The Data Protection Act Spells out the functions to be carried out by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner. These are;

Our Services

Our esteemed customers should expect the following services from us:

Response to request for information.

You will submit an enquiry for information and the information will be availed to you in 3 working days.


3 Working Days

Register Data Controllers and Data Processors.

You will be required to complete a registration form and pay stipulated registration fee.

You will be registered and granted a license operational for one year.


14 Working Days

Receive and investigate any complaint by any person on infringements of the rights under the Act.

You will fill in a complainant form and a resolution will be communicated to you. 


90 Working Days

Review and approve Data Impact Assessment Report.

Request a data impact assessment report.

You will receive an approved Impact assessment report. 



5 Working Days

To conduct public awareness, you will need a concept paper and public awareness report.

You will have achieved a goal of making informed citizens.



Carry out research.

A concept paper will be written and the output will be a research report that shall be produced quarterly.



Establish international cooperation on data protection obligations under international conventions and agreements.

A concept paper will be required which will result in a signed contract.



Carry out inspections of public and private entities.

You will fill in an inspection form.

You will receive a certificate and an updated inspection report.



Approval of data processing systems.

A system audit will be conducted and you will receive a systems audit report.  



Suppliers will be required to submit applications and payments will be processed within 14 working days.


14 working days

Impose administrative fines for failures to comply with Data Protection Act 2019 and regulations.

An investigation report will be required and a demand notice will be issued within three days after the investigation is completed.


3 days after completion of investigations

To get a contract, you will get a letter of acceptance, offer letter, bid and approval. This takes 30 working days.

LPOs take 2 working days to get an approval after issuing a local purchase order


30 working days (Contract) / 2 days (LPO)

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